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The Inspiration Behind Our Designs


We are obsessed with indigenous culture and heritage. We believe with full conviction clothes should not be mere fabric we adorn our bodies with, but should convey our world views, aspirations and beliefs. Being an African brand, we are proud of our cultural heritage. A lot of false the demeaning narratives have been told about our ancestors and the continent over centuries to justify barbaric in human treatment and looting of wealth and culture. One common narrative is that our ancestors had no written languages and that information and knowledge was handed down solely verbally by the fire side. This narrative however true is not entirely correct our ancestors have preserved their written languages on fabrics and other mediums.


Most of what we call African prints today meant more than just artistic symbols

Most of what we call African prints today meant more than just artistic symbols as we call them today to dismiss the fact that the symbols, they drew were telling stories. Universal stories of philosophy and prosperity. The sculptures, the bronzes etc beyond artistic expressions were repository of spiritual meaning. Representing their guardian spirits as well as their ancestors. These objects are religious, spiritual and sacred. Much of what we call African arts are also documents they tell stories, like the beautifully curved ornate stool sent to the Oba of Benin by his people when he was exiled by the British. He deduced the state of his British plundered land just by looking at that. others are more metaphorical like the golden stool of the Asante kingdom. They speak to the dignity of a people, their world views, aspirations and believes.

Siru-Africa embarks on a journey where African heritage meets modernity. Where the stories of our ancestors are preserved and passed on. That is why we carefully select prints with the ancestral patterns like Kente and bogolan. While we create fabric motifs from their metaphorical arts. Fashion is the most visual art form. we invite you to be a part of changing the ignorant narrative, preservation and mean-streaming the brilliance of our ancestors.

Remember you are not African because you were born in Africa, you are because Africa was born in you – Dr Kwame Nkrumah

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