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Who we are

SIRU-AFRICA is a ready to wear clothing brand founded in 2020 by Mudasiru Musah having been in the industry for almost a decade. The company is currently an online store because we believe in reaching out tribe where ever they are. The founder is very passionate about indigenous African culture and precolonial history of Africa. "Most of what we call African symbols & art are more than just artistic expressions, they were telling stories of achievements, philosophy and their world views". beyond that they were repository of spiritual meaning, they speak to the dignity of a people from which much has been taken and little given. our mission is to reconnect, preserve and transmit the ingenuity of our ancestors through clothing. SIRU-Africa intentionally select and print fabrics with ancient African writings, arts and symbolism and designs clothing that fits the modern gentleman. our mission is to change the narrative told about our ancestors to justify inhuman treatment. Though SIRU-AFRICA is predominantly a menswear brand, we intend to expend into women's wear in the next 2 years. In our passion to tell and celebrate the stories and ingenuity of our ancestors in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, we take inspiration from every part of the continent not just Ghana our motherland.

We Blend Creativity and Craftsmanship

Afrocentric fashion: Weaving heritage into vibrant garments. Bold colors, intricate patterns, and soulful storytelling create wearable art.
Feel stylishly at ease
Designed and manufactured in Ghana
Your skin will thank you
Can easily be styled from season to season

What We Stand For

Is to be the most influential company in the world.
Designed and manuTo reconnect people of African decent with their root and ingenuity through style. factured in Ghana

Our Corporate Affiliates

1- Changing the African narrative and uplifting the youth. 2- reconnect, preserve and transmit the ingenuity of our ancestors 3- fucus on the user and all else shall fall in place. 4- Discipline and craftsmanship 5- speed and quality must go hand in hand. 6- we promote team member growth and happiness.
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