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The African Kaftan Suit


Infact more or less every culture throughout history has had its version of a loose-fitting kaftan-like garment. However, the African kaftan over the years has seen significant change. Starting as the Senegalese kaftan (ankle length oversize shirt with a bell sleeve worn with drawstrings pants). usually made from cotton brocade said to have been influenced by the Islamic religion has adorned the figures of people from all religious backgrounds particularly within the west, east and northern African region.  To the three-piece agbada-suit – equivalent to the tuxedo suit originated from modern day Nigeria.

Today contemporary designers are redefining the long standing formal African wear with influences of pop culture and artistic aesthetic in other to meet the taste of young millennials and gen z. Young African millennials and gen-Z’s today are enthused with textures, colors, statement designer pieces tailored to celebrate the male figure unlike the original Senegalese kaftan.

3 Piece Agbada Kaftan Suit / Hat

Note that the formal African kaftan suit is never fully formal without the kufi or aso-oke hut (traditional head gears symbolizing status).

Even though, the kaftan suit is generally considered a men’s wear must-have, today’s bold African women do not shy away the chance to stylishly wear them.

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